Catherine Zeta-Jones. Here’s How.

by admin on 14. April 2011

After dealing with the stress.

Just three months after Michael Douglas told Todays Matt Lauer Ive got cancer beat his wife Catherine ZetaJones has checked herself into a mental health facility. jpg Catherine ZetaJones checked into a rehab facility earlier this month to seek treatment for Bipolar Disorder her rep has confirmed.

Actress Catherine ZetaJones has checked into a mental health facility to treat her Bipolar II disorder People reports. Good for Catherine ZetaJones for.

Catherine ZetaJones Treated For Bipolar Disorder. PHOTOS Catherine ZetaJones Checks Into.

Catherine ZetaJones has reportedly entered a mental health treatment center for a bipolar disorder.

In a move no one expected from Catherine ZetaJones the beautiful 41yearold actress checked into a mental health care center for treatment of a bipolar disorder RadarOnline.

After standing strong by husband Michael Douglas through his battle with throat cancer Catherine ZetaJones decided to seek mental health treatment for 201104.

Stress of her husbands illness forced ZetaJones to enter mental health facility. despite her rep squarely denying the story to

Catherine ZetaJones whose rep just confirmed she entered a mental health treatment center for bipolar disorder rocketed into Twitters top 10 trending topics in the United States. ZetaJones has been by her husband Michael. She was with her husband Michael 201104.

The last time we saw Catherine Zeta Jones she was in London to receive a medal from Prince Charles wait what. Her reps confirmation was posted on People.

My two older sons and my sister have Bipolar disorder and despite all the information out there theres still so much to learn about it and so much stigma attached to mental illness in general.

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